My name is Corsin Camichel.

I live in Laax and Jona, Switzerland.

I am a Security Analyst with Compass Security, Switzerland. There I do penetration tests, reverse and social engineering and other cool hacking stuff. By the way, we are hiring!

I am a student in Computer Science at the University of Applied Sciences in Rapperswil, Switzerland.

I organize and contribute to the BarCamp Community in Switzerland and in Europe and I like to bring people together in many ways. In the past I have also co-initiated the first Swiss StartupCamp and I am a strong believer in Open Source Software and the Open Web because all Information should be open and free to everybody. In 2010 I was a jury member of the Swiss Open Source Awards.

I suggest you distribute your work and art under a Creative Commons license.

I blog sometimes and you can find me on Flickr, Xing, Facebook, Twitter, SlideShare, and LinkedIn.

I also develop some Android applications.

You can contact me via social networks or by emailing me.